Call to action: First Aid for the homeless

Hello! One of our NGO partners, Noclegownia i Schronisko dla Bezdomnych Mężczyzn (Night accommodation and Shelter for Homeless Men), is in need of first aid supplies. If you are able to help provide any of the following, please contact us and we will arrange a time to pick up or have you deliver to us. plasters
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United World College Maastricht students to volunteer in Kraków

A group of seven students from United World College Maastricht will be coming to Kraków from April 24 to 28. We are excited to host this group of young people and provide a number of opportunities to serve Kraków. This group along with volunteers from Kraków will help in the following ways: Homeless meal prep and distribution
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Christmas package delivered

Little Kacper was so happy to receive his Police uniform, toy car, and his family grateful for extra food for the holidays. On Sunday (Dec 18) a small group of volunteers brought Kacper’s family gifts for him and his sister (who was visiting grandma), and food for the Christmas holidays. During our conversation with Kacper’s mom,
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Kraków Projects wanted!

We’re building a catalog of projects to keep our volunteers busy and show kindness to Kraków! Any kind of volunteer opportunity is appreciated, any kind of idea is welcomed. Whether you are planning something with a nonprofit, or you know of someone in need of help, we’re here to help plan, promote, and organize volunteers for
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Kraków project announcement: Christmas package

A project to help a very poor family struggling with financial and challenging living conditions. Apologies for the last minute announcement, gathering the details for this took a little longer than we anticipated. We are happy to cross the line for a family that is in need, even in a small practical way, in hopes
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Homeless shelter day

Today STC Kraków began what we hope is a long term commitment to one of the largest homeless shelters in Kraków. This shelter currently has over 200 men, and 5 women living here in community. There are many real tangible needs, from light bulbs and heating to help in maintenance and tutoring. Additionally there are
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