May 13, 2016


csr-iconWhy Serve the City?

When it comes to working in the community many businesses and organisations find they have no idea where to start.

How do you find the right nonprofit to work with? How do you decide which project you want to get involved in and how do go about arranging the activity? At Serve the City we know that there are many businesses that would love to do more in the community but find the logistics of bringing this desire to reality to be insurmountable. As part of our mission to bring together the community to serve the city’s greatest needs we have designed a simple 7 step process that makes it easy for businesses to turn that vision into reality.

Company Pathway STC

The end result: A professionally planned and executed external community project based on the needs of your organization which extends beyond a single event to a relationship with a local nonprofit. Projects tailored to your needs, skills and budget.

  • Employees will be put in direct contact with the beneficiaries of the chosen nonprofit.
  • Full project management from start to finish.
  • A full briefing on how the project will help the business meet its goals and what the expected results are.
  • Sales aid materials provided to promote the project internally to your employees.
  • On the project day, Serve the City provides full logistic and organisational management, you simply come and participate.
  • Full debrief report, summary, and media files of project will be provided.

CSR Policy Service

Serve the City offers you a consulting service to help you define exactly what your CSR policy should look like to be an effective tool for you to grow your business in the right way while having a positive effect on both productivity and your bottom line. We will walk you through the process of defining the policy and then ensure that the community involvement element of the policy is executed in a holistic manner that partners your business with a local nonprofit to the benefit of both.

Team Building

If you don’t feel ready to implement a full CSR policy we also offer a wide range of team building events.

Team building is an essential part of any successful business and what better way to include this in your business’s employee training than incorporating an element of community service? These individual projects provide the same level of service and logistical management offered in our CSR events but are focused on a single day’s activity. This is a great way to test the water before you make a commitment to a complete CSR policy.

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