May 13, 2016

Nonprofits & NGOs

nonprofit-iconEvery nonprofit/NGO has unmet needs and projects, big and small. Sometimes we know exactly how to address these needs and simply don’t have the people, or we have people but do not have the time to organize a solution. Serve the City is here to help.

We are the glue between nonprofits, volunteers, communities, and businesses to help make these dreams to enrich our cities and help people who need it the most. We help organize, motivate, and lead volunteers from businesses, communities, and individuals to tackle big and small projects with care and excitement. All this for zero cost to your nonprofit/NGO.

How we can help your nonprofit/NGO:

  • We visit you, listen to your needs and ideas, then asses the resources needed (time, people, budget).
  • We create the project plan, communicate with you each step along the way, and present the plan to potential volunteers and businesses who are interested in helping.
  • We provide trained leaders who are there to make the projects successful, ensuring everything runs smoothly, and following up with everyone involved to learn how to make it better the next time.
  • We can partner with you in one time projects or ongoing volunteer needs.

What we offer nonprofits/NGOs:

  • The ability to network, share resources and ideas with other groups of a similar nature through regular informal gatherings.
  • A fully managed volunteer force to carry out any project where the volunteer can interact with the individual in need.
  • Ad-hoc finance to carry out projects we are asked to participate in that under normal circumstances would be out of their financial reach.
  • Exposure to businesses interested in becoming directly involved with nonprofits in their city.

Got a project? Need volunteers? Let us help:

If you have any volunteer needs or projects that you think we can help with, please click the button for your city below, answer the short questionnaire and someone from our team will contact you within one business day.