Trauma & Compassion

Certified Workshop & Training

Learn to help people well, while not burning yourself out!

Professional trauma response expert, and author of the book “What to do when life sucks!” Fran Graham, will be here 23-24 of September to provide an in-depth look into how to respond to people in trauma, and how to take care of ourselves as we navigate the ongoing needs of our Ukrainian friends displaced and residing here in Kraków and all other survivors of trauma. The methods and ideas are inspired by Jesus and open for anyone of any background to adapt and adopt as needed.

This is a two-day workshop and training (8 hours each day), with professional content and presentation. You will also receive a certificate of completion from Serve the City, to prove your participation in this workshop which is the same content as provided by the University of Maryland.


Two-days with certificate
Receive a certificate of completion for your professional records, CV, and more. You must attend all sessions to receive the certificate, you will be sent the certificate after the workshop and after completing a small quiz to demonstrate your understanding of the content.
Two-days without certificate (or unable to attend all sessions)
For a lower fee, or if you are unable to attend all of the sessions you may select to not receive a certificate.

WHERE: Dajwór 14, Kraków
WHEN: 23-24 September, 09:00 to 17:00
LANGUAGES: English and Polish (using simultaneous interpretation)

Space is limited, we hope to see you there, if you have questions please email