May 13, 2016


individuals-icon2We all see people in need, homeless, elderly, drug addicts, and more. Most of the time we only know these people by their needs, they are “the homeless guy”, the “old lady”, the “drugy”. What Serve the City aims to do is to know these people not by their needs, but by their names. We are inspired by the words and work of Jesus Christ to help people see they have value, that they are cared for, and that they are known and seen – this is why we exist.

We offer individual volunteers:

  • Access to one-off volunteer opportunities without any additional commitment.
  • Extensive and accurate details regarding their project, such as exact duties, time commitment, collaborating organization, precise location, number of volunteers and much more.
  • The opportunity to interact on an individual basis with those in need.
  • A wide range of projects meeting a variety of needs, including homeless, immigrants, children, elderly, handicapped and many more.
  • An opportunity to serve alongside a diverse group of volunteers.
  • Access to a social community centered on a common desire to serve the city.

Want to volunteer? Suggest a project? Let us know!

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