Christmas package delivered

Little Kacper was so happy to receive his Police uniform, toy car, and his family grateful for extra food for the holidays. On Sunday (Dec 18) a small group of volunteers brought Kacper’s family gifts for him and his sister (who was visiting grandma), and food for the Christmas holidays. During our conversation with Kacper’s mom, Sabina, we learned that their family needs some legal assistance.

Additionally we learned their home also needs major renovation which they are unable to live in at the moment because social services have deemed it unsafe for their family. They are currently renting an apartment but this is stretching their resources further, inhibiting any work on their house. We hope to help the family by connecting them to free legal aid services provided by the social services department (MOPS) and to connect them with practical services which will help them navigate into a better situation. We will provide updates and ways that you or your organization can help in the new year.

There are many people in similar situations as this family across Kraków and the biggest hurdles for many is learning how to navigate the services, and simply having the time to do so. As STC Kraków seeks out small ways to increase capacity in people by connecting them with the services they need, and hopefully into better overall situations, we hope to fulfil the goal of knowing people not just for their needs, but by their names. For this project we spent about 300 zł in food, and 100 zł for the kids’ gifts if you would like to donate and help fund a future project, please click here; or if you would like to volunteer at our next event, please contact us by clicking here, we would love to see you!