Kraków Projects wanted!

We’re building a catalog of projects to keep our volunteers busy and show kindness to Kraków! Any kind of volunteer opportunity is appreciated, any kind of idea is welcomed. Whether you are planning something with a nonprofit, or you know of someone in need of help, we’re here to help plan, promote, and organize volunteers for you, your organization, or ideas you see from the streets. Please spread the word across your network of friends and colleagues, you never know who needs help!

Our volunteers are trained and specially prepared for each project, volunteers can come from private individuals who are simply interested in volunteering, or from businesses who want to give back to the city through employee volunteer and corporate social responsibility programs. We pay great attention to matching people to the right kinds of projects, taking into consideration their own desires and skills with the needs of each project.

Projects can be small or big, they can be one-time or regular (i.e. every Friday), and projects can be submitted by individuals who see a need but don’t know how to help – we will gladly find a solution through our network of partners and volunteers. So please submit your ideas and projects by clicking the button that corresponds to you.

Individuals Non-profits

And that’s where it starts. We cross the line from where we are and serve. But that’s just the beginning. The dream of Serve the City is everyone serving. As soon as possible we invite those we have met while serving to join us, because what we really want is to cross the line together.