Smiles on the streets

On July 3 Serve the City Krakow organized another outing to reach out to the homeless as part of our ongoing Street Snack project . As it was a warm day, there were a great number of people who needed help outdoors in the Planty area. We managed to give out our 30 packages with food and drinks and all were met with words of gratitude. The greatest motivation to stay committed to this kind of projects is a smile with a glimmer of hope reflected in the eyes of those receiving such help.

As usual, the most precious gift for the people in the street is a moment of conversation, which reveals different stories behind their current situation – a failed job search abroad, sudden debilitating health condition, a wrong life choice. However, during those encounters we also talked about different subjects and had many moments when we forgot that the person we were talking with was homeless, and we only hope that they also forgot about their homelessness if just for a moment.