International Volunteer day 2020

December 5, 2020 was a special day for Serve The City. It was the day that we celebrated The World Volunteer Day. On this occasion, our volunteers took part in actions in various places in Poland.


On Saturday, December 5, STC Kraków volunteers organized a workshop at the shelter for Homeless Women.

This is what Asia said about that day:

Together with the ladies living in the shelter, we prepared Christmas cards. Due to the current restrictions, there were only two of us (the third volunteer, unfortunately, felt ill on the day of the event). There were around 20 ladies. For two hours, the canteen turned into a Christmas card workshop. The ladies got very involved. For some, preparing a card by themselves was a big challenge, others seemed to be in their element, and many showed great creativity. The time spent together was also an opportunity to meet and talk. We hope to come back again to develop new relationships.


STC volunteers from Cieszyn, Silesia met at the workshop which was a part of our action to create Christmas cards for those in need. The girls, using various materials (gift tags, ribbons, brushpens, paints and stickers) made a total of 41 cards, which on December 17 were handed over to the Municipal Retirement Home in Ustroń.

We hope that this small gesture of kindness will brighten up the Christmas time for the elderly  in this difficult year.

This is how Ala recalls the event:

It was great to meet with the girls and do something for others as well as being creative. Apparently, no act of kindness is ever wasted, so I hope that our cards will bring joy and  hope during the Christmas time and the New Year to those under the care of MDSS. They have been isolated from the world for a year and cannot be visited by relatives because the coronavirus is the most dangerous for them. I hope we will repeat this action again.


On December 12, STC volunteers spent the entire afternoon (and the evening and a half of the night) creating Christmas cards for two Single Mother Houses in Gdańsk. Until late at night, they were accompanied by lots of laughter, hot chocolate with whipped cream, “Christmas” tea, snacks and coffee. The cards they created are their own ideas or small Pinterest inspirations.

What’s more, another girl and her fiancé wanted to join the project, unfortunately they could not be there with our volunteers, so we gave them the necessary materials to make some cards.

Our volunteers created 35 cards together, which were given to the residents of Single Mother Houses on December 17 and 21.

We sincerely hope that the cards will bring as much joy to the moms and their children as they brought to our volunteers when they were making them.

Magda and Marta, who participated in the workshops in Gdańsk, described the event as follows:


It is undoubtedly an interesting experience. I perceived volunteering with Serve The City as something very positive. Sharing your heart with other people. Undoubtedly, there was such a satisfaction in doing something for someone. Great atmosphere at the event was a plus. Thank you very much!


I am very happy that I could take part in such a beautiful initiative. I knew it was something small, but I could devote my time and heart to preparing Christmas cards. I think a simple gesture like this can really make someone feel better. I wanted to get involved in the event because I love making people happy. We also had a really good time preparing the cards. I hope that thanks to the initiative for a dozen or so people, Christmas will be at least a little more magical and special.

We are extremely happy that, despite the difficult time of the pandemic, we managed to organize all these workshops and share our kindness with people in need. We are also grateful to our volunteers, without them nothing would have happened – thank you for your presence and commitment, you are the best!