Serve the city International Forum 2020

From 22nd to 25th of October there was held an International Serve the City Forum. The event was supposed to take place in Kraków but due to the Covid-19 pandemic it was moved to a virtual reality. The members of our Kraków team were the hosts. During the Forum there were online workshops, lectures and volunteering events in various locations around the globe. Together with our volunteers we were making Christmas cards (though a little early), which will be given to the charges in the Women’s Shelter on St. Albert Street in Kraków.

We were happy we could find a project that would have a real impact on people around us, in this case the women in the shelter. Card making and time spent together with other volunteers were very precious by itself. 

Except all the volunteer projects held around the globe, there was also some time devoted to great conversations (online with different participants from across the world and offline with people in our local sites), discussions and exchanging of ideas on how to serve in the places we are in. 

This is how Magda reminisces the Forum:

For me personally one of the workshops (Chesapeake, USA) was very special. I had an opportunity to hear how through projects and cooperation with the local authorities and churches the whole community was changed. These stories are the most inspiring and they provoke a question “What can I do for my community?”