Street Snack – 8th March

You’re invited to take to the streets of Kraków with meals for the homeless, street performers, leaflet distributors, and all who seem to need a “pick me up”. We will come together to pack the meals and drinks and then hand out the meals. However this isn’t just about giving a meal to someone, it’s listening to people’s stories if they choose to share. It’s about learning their name and story. The idea is to make this a regular event and get to know the homeless community. We will provide some sample conversation starters and questions to help us connect with the people we meet.

Non-Polish speakers will be teamed up with Polish speakers so all are welcomed to come and help!

What: Meals for 25+ people

When: 8th March, meeting to make food at 14:00, we go to the streets around 14:30.

How: If possible, please bring some fruit smoothies, water, juice in smaller bottles/cartons (preferably containing vitamins) or candy bars. If you are able to buy something towards the event, please indicate on the signup form below what you are willing to bring.

Sign up form 8 March Street Snack

Where: We will contact you after receiving your submitted form.

Ends: When we’ve given away all the meals (roughly 90 minutes) but we would love to have a moment with you at a coffee shop afterwards at around 16:00 for an informal time of getting to know each other and future projects.