Dinner w/ Dignity

Today we hung out with our homeless friends again, we prepared a full afternoon of games, coffee, tea, cold drinks, and barbeque food for a wonderfully sunny day. This time we had over 30 volunteers from five different organizations come and help, it was a blast and our guests all had a great time because of this! There are many moving pieces to make an event like this successful, one piece that we learned we need to focus on is being more active with inviting our guests up to a month in advance, revisiting them, talking to them, and re-inviting. We plan to create a relationship with a local homeless shelter and providing volunteers for them as well, through this we hope to build trust, get to know people personally, and be able to invite more to these dinners in the future.

Come join us! What we do is not to simply know people for their needs, it’s to know them by name!