St Nicholas dinner

Serve the City Kraków had their first event celebrating with our homeless community for St. Nicholas day with a full service dinner, games, showers, haircuts, and a movie! The team of 15 volunteers served and fellowshiped with 25 people from the homeless community. It was a wonderful time of laughter, stories, and love. Our guests were served a full three course meal cooked, prepared, and served by our team. This included home made desserts, coffee, tea, and more throughout the evening. Guests also had the opportunity to have their hair cut by a professional hair stylist, take showers, and browse gently used clothing take with them.

Since this was on the occasion of the St. Nicholas holiday each guest walked away with a bag of gifts, from practical personal hygiene products, to small notes written by our team and their families. The most enjoyable time of the evening was sitting listening to the real-life stories, which ranged from heartbreaking to hilarious. To top the night off we all sat together and watched Home Alone a wonderful Polish tradition, which left some of our guests in tears, because this was “like home”.