January 31, 2022

Project & Partner Manager

Serve the City Kraków needs your help!

Want to add some great experience to your CV and LinkedIn profile? Learn some new skills in a great environment and culture? Or maybe you know someone who might be able to help us? We are searching for volunteer (not paid) project and partner managers! Take a look and see if this might be a good fit for you. We have over 100 volunteers ready to take on amazing projects that you will create and manage. If you’ve got a few hours a week (and maybe more in the future, or the ability to build a team to help you), the compassion for positive change, and love for people – this could be for you!

No experience is required, although it does help! A desire to learn, ok with learning from mistakes, and not afraid to ask questions and learn and suggest new ideas. The bottom line, help us serve the city with new partnerships and projects where we can put our values into action. For this position conversational English and fluent Polish are required.

What would you do as an STC Kraków project and partner manager?

  • Create, develop, and manage volunteer projects for individuals, corporate team-building events, and other volunteer groups.
  • Connect, learn, and develop volunteer projects with our project partners in Kraków. This includes non-profit, municipal, and other organizations, such as homeless shelters, elderly homes, hospitals, and more.
  • With assistance from the STC Kraków core team, you will have all the tools and resources you need to make your ideas come to life!
  • Work with corporate social responsibility leaders at Kraków’s largest companies to develop and manage volunteer projects to meet their community involvement goals.
  • Create new ideas for the non-profit and volunteer sector in Kraków and Poland.
  • Coordinate communications, project needs, and resources for volunteer events with volunteers and on-site coordinators/management.
  • Have access and freedom to make teams for events, communications, resources, etc.
  • Develop and help the core team with donor development, grants, corporate volunteer team-building events, and other streams of income – perhaps leading to a paid position.

What are the requirements we are looking for?

  • We are an international team, so we need someone who can speak Polish fluently and English conversationally.
  • One to two hours a week (to begin), and possibly more or to build a team when there are large events.
  • A genuine love for creative solutions and projects.
  • Able to work with many kinds of people.
  • Self-motivated, work on your own initiative, share ideas, and make decisions.
  • Ready to make mistakes, learn from them, and recover with new ideas.
  • Desire to learn, or experience with, project management, either in professional or volunteer environments.
  • Comfortable with reaching out to new contacts, learning their needs, and developing relationships.
  • Confident (or able to learn) with technology, such as Google G-suite, Microsoft office, and similar productivity software.

We are a fully registered foundation in Poland, with active donors, project funds, and a number of projects already performed every year since 2014. We have a small team of dedicated volunteer leaders on our “core team” who are ready to help anyone in this role succeed and grow in their own professional experience. 

A CV is not required but please provide a cover letter. In your cover letter please answer the following questions in three paragraphs or more, but no longer than one page.

  • A quick biography of yourself and any volunteer expierience you may have.
  • How you want to grow and learn in your skills and volunteer expierience.
  • Of the five Serve the City values, which one is your personal favorite and how would you put this into action as a project and partner manager?

If you are interested or want to learn more about this role, please fill out the form below and we look forward to meeting you!